Our Euro hoping honeymoon

Been scratching my head for a better title but anyway that’s what I could come up with. Well, well, I did, scratch that, the husband and myself did have the honeymoon of honeymoons like some people have called it.

Honestly, this had always been a dream of mine since I was little. Crazy right. I am living my childhood dreams y’all. And I thank God for answering that prayer. As wild as it seemed. I did have many more countries but time and money was not going to be that luxurious for us to have.

4 counties, 5 cities, 9 flights, 1 bus trip, lots of trains, lots of taxis, lots of walking …all in a space of 2 weeks. Let’s that sink in. Yes, it’s wild, it’s exciting and it is also exhausting because one week didn’t help in relief.

A year before when my then friend suggested and we decided to get married, my first ask of him was we would definitely pull this off and I was not taking no for an answer. But thank God, he only fell in love with the idea and said let’s do it.

For starters, thanks to travelNeza for helping us to pull this off and giving us the time and walking the journey with us. Even the few mishaps could not stop us from experiencing something of a lifetime.

A year ago the bill was not so bad owing to the time we had and we promised to divert all our first resources towards our massive trip. Got the agency to make an itinerary which was workable and so the journey began.

For starters, make sure to get a Schengen visa that allows you to cross through countries and also your country of entry should be one that is not as strict as some are. But the agency can always advise accordingly.

Details are many but all I can say is anything is as possible as you need it to be. You just have to put mind to it and also plan and give yourself time.

First stop was Gentt in Belgium. Someone said it’s a very random choice but actually for us it was not as it made visa processing easier but also because the husband studied in Gentt. So we decided to just relive a certain time in his life and wanted me to see first hand what he experienced then. Gentt is a beautiful city that’s got those stripes tires built with lots of architectural details. Lots of wine. It’s nice for the non chaotic kind of time one would want. Shopping options are few being that it’s just a city not the capital.

Gentt Belgium

Our next stop was Brussels by train from Gentt which is about an hour and Brussels is abit busier than Gentt. More tourist activities. You need to be ready to walk because the beauty is seen and felt while you walk through the city.

Brussels, Belgium

We then took an evening bus straight to Paris which takes about four hours. Thinking through, not sure if a plane would be better but still seeing the country sides was a good idea. Guys, the roads don’t have potholes. The lanes are quite a number. The journey is as smooth as it gets. If you have a car through you could even enjoy it more than the bus. We arrived in Paris at night and we all need to realize that some things are the same across the globe. But that you can judge with your own eyes.


Paris is beautiful, crazy busy with people but oh my oh my the brands. All those fashion brands on a street like that’s where fashion is born. Prices are still very high there so don’t expect it to be cheaper. But seeing them and how the streets look with all that art is just beautiful and then the Eiffel Tower. To Paris I must return sometime in the future because we were unlucky to have rain through our our stay but we maxed the time we had.


Our next stop was Rome. Italy. The airport itself was art everywhere. Rome is busy but quite warm and friendly. Probably because of the sunny weather that got us there unlike Paris. The colosseum is as beautiful as it gets. Standing in places we only read about or see in the movies felt overwhelmingly gratifying.


Our next stop was Santorini Greece. Oh how beautiful. This I can’t describe. Just hope on the next plane and go experience it. The water, the buildings. Everything was and is beautiful. My birthday got me here.

Santorini, Greece

Indeed for my 32nd birthday, I felt like I was living a princess dream. I had just gotten married to my best friend for life and having him indulge in my crazy dream of travel which he now seems to over enjoy he might supersede me at some point. And having it in Greece. What more could a girl ask for?

Santorini, Greece

Take time to do the things that ignite the love for your existence. Take time to do things out of the ordinary. Meet people and interact even though you will never become friends or meet them again. How amazing to wonder whatever happened of them in their endeavors. As I live through the peek of my life I know that I will have stories to tell not just my children but even my grandchildren some time.